We base our activities on operational excellence and follow the principles of continuous improvement.

Therefore, for us, the implementation of a Quality Management System has the following objectives:
  • Help the Organization to increase Customer satisfaction;
  • Help to understand and translate Customer needs and expectations into product and service specifications;
  • Encourage the Organization to analyze Customer requirements, define the processes that contribute to the creation of an acceptable product to the Customer and keep these processes under control;
  • Allow the creation of the right framework for continuous improvement.

This Management System is currently implemented in:
  • Reception of urban waste for recovery and sorting of materials from selective collection circuits;
  • Management of operational contracts for the treatment infrastructures;
  • Training, communication and environmental awareness services;
  • Design, production and marketing of sustainable products resulting from waste management operations.

LIPOR's Quality Management System is certified according to the normative reference NP EN ISO 9001:2015.

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