Social Responsibility

LIPOR's Social Responsibility Management System, applied across the entire organization, aims to:
  • Improve the internal organizational environment, showing that LIPOR cares for employees and continuously improving health and safety conditions;
  • Guarantee that the requirements of social responsibility standard SA8000 are met;
  • Provide incentives that will benefit employees, suppliers and other stakeholders;
  • Improve information and communication, thus increasing trust from stakeholders (customers, community, suppliers, etc.);
  • Reinforce LIPOR's image and its reputation as a socially responsible organization;
  • React to the results of the work carried out in this area more quickly.
As part of Management System a Social Performance Team was created, which systematically monitors the evolution of the System itself.

At the same time, SAI provides in this latest version of the SA8000 standard a diagnostic tool for the entire process, which is an asset for monitoring the Management System in the organization - the Social Fingerprint.

LIPOR's Social Responsibility Management System is certified by SA8000 which is implemented across the whole organization. Find out more about  Social Responsibility Management.

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