Social Fingerprint

Social Fingerprint is a tool that enables organizations to measure and observe the success of their Management System in terms of social performance. This tool uses the core elements of Requisite 9 - SA8000 Management Systems, assessing each element on a scale of 1-5, enabling a simpler way of establishing the areas to improve within the organization.

Requisite 9: Management System (SA8000:2014 Standard)
  •     Sub-requisite 9.1 - Policies, Procedures and Records;
  •     Sub-requisite 9.2 - Social Performance Team (EDS);
  •     Sub-requisite 9.3 - Risk Identification and Analysis;
  •     Sub-requisite 9.4 - Monitoring;
  •     Sub-requisite 9.5 - Involvement and Internal Communication;
  •     Sub-requisite 9.6 - Managing and Resolving Complaints;
  •     Sub-requisite 9.7 - External Verification & Involvement of Stakeholders;
  •    Sub-requisite 9.8 - Corrective and Preventive Actions;
  •     Sub-requisite 9.9 - Training and Capacity Building;
  •    Sub-requisite 9.10 - Managing Suppliers and Subcontractors (Supply Chain).
After the Organization has carried out the self-assessment, the Certifying Entity performs its own assessment (independent assessment) during the transition audits, helping the Organization to identify the management system's strengths and areas for improvement.

We present below our Social Fingerprint chart, with the self-assessment of the last few years, namely the 2022 data, which shows a very good result, with a global average of 4.7.

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