Purpose, Mission and Policy

We build a better world, every day.

To transform waste into new resources through the implementation of innovative and circular practices, generating and sharing value.

We want to participate in the global market and create trends for a sustainable future.

We are ambitious and passionate.
We are creative and we think positive.
We are responsible and rigorous.
We are ethical and a TEAM.

We are committed to LIPOR!

LIPOR Policy

In all its activities, products and services, as well as in its relationship with all Stakeholders, LIPOR has defined, within the scope of its Sustainable Management Strategy, its Policy for Quality, Environment, Safety and Health, Social Responsibility, Innovation and Energy:

  • To consolidate the Organisation as a reference entity in the area of sustainable municipal waste management, promoting the circular economy and a process-based approach to risk in order to avoid loss of value and enhance positive impacts;
  • Ensuring the availability of information and all the necessary resources to define and achieve the Organisation's objectives and goals, namely those of the different Management Systems;
  • Fulfilling compliance obligations with legal and other requirements to which the Organisation subscribes. Respect the principles of international regulatory instruments, in particular the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions and international human rights standards (shown in the appendix and available on our website);
  • Promote environmental protection, preventing all forms of pollution, promoting the fight against climate change, the protection of biodiversity and the ecosystems of the surrounding community. Promoting quality, taking into account the nature, scale, resulting accidents and potential environmental impacts of our activities;
  • Preventing the occurrence of occupational injuries and illnesses, promoting hygiene, safety and health at work, ensuring the elimination of hazards and the reduction of risks;
  • Ensuring the consultation and participation of workers and their representatives in the field of safety, hygiene and health; 
  • Promoting the continuous improvement of the organisation, boosting the effectiveness and efficiency of resources;
  • Promoting a culture of innovation to create value as everyone's responsibility, fostering a working environment that is conducive to sharing lessons learnt, creativity and collaboration; 
  • Promote the creation and sharing of internal knowledge;
  • Encouraging sustainable public procurement in order to create a positive impact on society and the economy, and a lower impact on the environment;
  • Co-operate in partnership with other entities, enhancing value sharing;
  • To systematically ensure the improvement of energy performance through the design, good practices implementation and a culture of energy efficiency in the Organisation;
  • Contribute to ensuring an adequate response to stakeholder expectations, progressively increasing satisfaction and trust in the Organisation;
  • Promote LIPOR's culture and values.
Every day we build a better world!

September 19, 2023

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