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Adventure Park

With around 19 hectares, the former Ermesinde/Baguim do Monte Landfill Site, which received the majority of the waste produced in our Associated Municipalities since the 70's, gave rise to the Adventure Park. As a result of the sealing, recovery and environmental and landscape enhancement projects of the former Landfill's space, nowadays a space can be enjoyed which promotes physical activity, healthy eating, respect for the environment, and socializing - integral individual formation.

With the Landfill's Closure, Sealing and Landscape Recovery activities, we restored the long-term negative environmental effects arising from waste disposal. To achieve this, we implemented a monitoring system consisting of leachate collection and drainage systems, surface rainwater drainage, and gas capture and drainage systems.

We have created this space, with a recreational, leisure and training area that can be used freely by the public, and is located within our facilities in Baguim do Monte/Ermesinde. Be sure to visit us!

Radical Park | Arborism Circuit | Children's Playground | Minigolf Course | Ecological Trail | Mini Football Field | Ice Cream Stand | Car Park | Toilets | ... and very, very much green space!

Because we promote conservation and biodiversity, since 2009, we have done everything to (re)connect the Community with the Rio Tinto, giving it back to the public by developing another infrastructure: LIPOR's Eco-Trail.

With this project, we have developed actions which encourage the knowledge and conservation of biodiversity, with the Rio Tinto at the core. Hence, with LIPOR's Eco-Trail, we raise awareness of the biodiversity that exists next to the Rio Tinto, promoting the public's contact with the surroundings, helping to protect, share, conserve, and value the environmental heritage.

For us, this project supports a set of objectives at different levels: hydraulic, ecological, landscape, cultural, whilst promoting river rehabilitation and sustainable development. When visiting the Trail, you can see the results of our intervention and appreciate several natural engineering structures that are used more and more to restore water courses.

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