What is it?

ECOSHOP/Adventure Park Card
Another advantage of recycling.

ECO SHOP/Adventure Park is a loyalty card which lets us know how much multimaterial you have recycled. Users who voluntarily give in their waste at Participating Recycling Centers, at LIPOR's Adventure Park or those integrated in the Vila do Conde Intelligent Market Project, accumulate points every time.

As well as letting you take pride in your good recycling practices, this card also allows you to collect points and exchange them for vouchers which you can use for several goods and services. The card will also give you access to LIPOR's Adventure Park.

How to join?

To join the ECO SHOP/Parque Aventura (Adventure Park) card you only have to fill a form. As soon as your form is submitted the ECO SHOP/Parque Aventura (Adventure Park) Team will send you your card by mail. This might take up to 30 days.

Redeem points.

Once you have at least 250 points on your card, you can ask to exchange your points at any time, for benefits listed in the ECO SHOP/Adventure Park catalog.
Once you have identified the benefit you would like, exchange your points by filling in the online request form below, or by filling in the printed version, which will be available at participating services.
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