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We promote an environmentally friendly Generation+.

Respecting the environment forces us to reflect on our behavior and to adopt a set of practices that, when put together, translate to a positive impact on the environment.

The Geração+ (Generation+) Project is an educational project, aimed at public and private schools, as well as social institutions or other associations and entities located in the LIPOR Municipalities that intend to change their environmental management practices.

We promote the commitment of citizens to good environmental practices, making it easier to acquire skills that promote a greater civic intervention and are able to feed the growth and consolidation of environmentally responsible and sustainable processes.

We developed the Geração+ project in 4 main phases:

The Diagnosis phase, where the priority intervention points are identified, resulting in a Plan of Action that will lead the institution to receive LIPOR's GREEN HEART CERTIFICATE.

The entire Plan of Action is accompanied by the LIPOR technical team, that will support the implementation of relevant initiatives for the optimization of processes underway. This technical support continues after the CERTIFICATE has been awarded, in order to guarantee the continuation of the practices acquired.

From Reducing and Re-using, to Recycling Waste, not forgetting Food Waste, Composting, Biodiversity and good practices of natural resources management, this pedagogical model incorporates a wide variety of themes.

Your institution can be close to having a GREEN HEART!

For more information, please contact the project team:

Phone.: 229 770 181

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