Local Axis

We invite the community to participate.
Since 2014, we promote the Geração+ (Generation+) project, which is a fundamental axis of the educational and environmental training programme developed together with the Local Community.

Since it was launched and the public has duly recognized the added value of its methodologies, whether due to institutional support for the project - Directorate-General for Education and Portuguese Environment Agency - or due to the national and international prizes it has received, it has been deemed relevant to innovate for a new strategic intervention axis, the LOCAL axis.

Our closest points of contact with citizens are the Parishes, the Municipalities and their executive bodies, who aligned with us in the development of an integrated intervention and outreach strategy with people that will facilitate the creation of a global sustainability movement.
The LOCAL axis of GENERATION+ takes on the challenge of increasing public participation in environmentally-focused processes, using a methodology that aims to ensure short and long term permanence and continuity of local sustainability practices.
Bearing in mind the innovative aspect of this project, it is fundamental to gather forces to successfully reach the objectives outlined in the local development strategy:
  • Strengthen Local organizations' commitment to Sustainability, based on three integral aspects of Sustainable Development: social progress and environmental development, both linked to economic success;
  • Focus on methodologies that contemplate public involvement and participation, and interaction and communication between different players in the local community.
How we do it

The LOCAL axis of Geração+ aims to develop a flexible methodology that is adapted to the local reality, able to undergo the necessary alterations in order to adjust to different sectoral dimensions, based on the following steps:

By taking part in the Geração+ | LOCAL axis project, the Parish will receive the GREEN HEART CERTIFICATE.

We are currently implementing a pilot of this methodology in the Parish of Ermesinde. Would you like your Parish to be the next GREEN HEART? Bring the power of your neighborhood together and contact us!

For more information, please contact the project team:

Phone: (+351) 229 770 181
E-mail: educa@lipor.pt
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