Composting is a biological and aerobic process in which organisms transform organic matter into a material like soil, which is called organic corrective. In home composting it is important to understand how to create the ideal conditions, to produce a quality organic corrective. Do you want to know how?

Did you know that…
About 40% of our municipal waste are compostable? Composting and Vermicomposting are an excellent way to prevent forwarding this material to the waste management circuits.

Besides, we can produce our own natural compost, great for our garden and kitchen garden. Want to start Home Composting at your home right away?

We have the composter! Register in LIPOR’s Home Composting Project!
Composting in numbers:
- 401 Kg/year of biowaste composted per Composter/family;

- 15 818 composters distributed and 6 343 t of biowaste locally composted;

- 1 332 t of CO2eq emissions avoided;

(estimated 2020 data).
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