Food Waste

Protect the environment and your wallet

Food is too valuable to be thrown away.

Eating is part of our nature!
Eating is not only a physiological necessity but also a social, cultural and emotional process... it's like a ritual!

However... we waste food every day! According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), around 1/3 of all food produced annually worldwide is wasted, with the majority of waste coming from restaurants, canteens and our homes.

Therefore, we think it is essential that we all recognize our responsibility and contribute towards reducing food waste and promoting more sustainable food, whether in the household, restaurants, canteens, hotels, markets, hotels or in other social settings.

In our area of operation, around 27% of the garbage is comprised of wasted food. In light of this statistic, and in order to minimize it and respond to the principles of the Waste Management Hierarchy, we've implemented a Food Waste Production Prevention Strategy. Learn more about it!

Dose Certa (Right Amount)

Use the "Dose Certa" for the environment and for your wallet!

The Dose Certa Project is directed at catering establishments (canteens, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, markets, and others) and combines food waste reduction with the adoption of sustainable food. With this project, in partnership with the Portuguese Association of Nutrition, we intend to create an improvement plan, by analyzing and assessing the practices of each establishment, reducing losses and consequently costs.

Thus, at Dose Certa we raise awareness among partners and convince them to create more sustainable menus, using seasonal and local products whilst taking the variety, quantity and nutritional value of the food into account.

Would you like to be part of the Dose Certa restaurant chain?
Contact us through the email and start using the "Dose Certa” for the environment and for your wallet!

Embrulha (Box it).

We don't waste anything.

Did you go out for lunch or dinner?
And "didn't eat everything...", so...
"Box it." and take what's left of your meal home.

Discover participating restaurants here.

With the Embrulha. project, we want to revive the habit of taking leftovers home, without shame or stigma, transforming cultural issues. This is another key step to reduce food waste.

Embrulha. involves providing participating restaurants with biodegradable packaging, free of charge. This packaging allows customers to take their food home, so they can enjoy their leftovers instead of throwing them away.

Don't waste. Box it.

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