Let’s Take Advantage of Prevention!

The incessant production of waste is one of the biggest problems facing our society and our planet today. Fighting against this reality is a responsibility shared by all of us. Every day we are enticed to have or buy goods that we really don't need…. Has it happened to you? Great! Recognition is the first step in fighting this problem!

From food, clothing, tools, electronics…. there are many goods that do not need to be new or do not need them at all. We can simply borrow, rent, reuse, recover, give it a new life and thus avoid the production of waste and the consumption of raw materials, which are increasingly scarce in nature.

There are many simple gestures that lead to success in this battle: reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse, reinvent... there are many weapons within our reach.

With the European Week of Waste Prevention on the horizon (from November 20 to 28) we are going to share some tips on behaviour and attitudes to make Waste Prevention a daily reality and, at the same time, give ideas for initiatives to energize this week.

And we don't know if you have any idea that, even if unconsciously, you already put into practice many Prevention gestures in your daily life… Don't you believe it? Follow us and see for yourself!

Learn more at the EWWR webpage.
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