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Today we are all aware of the urgent need to prevent the production of waste, because of over consumption in the contemporary society.

We are impacted daily with news related to climate change, the destruction of natural habitats and the loss of biodiversity. Many of us have already adopted changes in our consumption patterns, however everything we are doing is still very little considering the existing needs.

Going against the current tendency, new trends and initiatives are starting to emerge, such as stores, markets, and platforms for the sale or exchange of second-hand clothes and other goods. These initiatives have a positive impact by extending the useful life of goods and products, promoting their reuse.

It is within this context that the REUSE Communities arise, with the motto "what for many people may be a waste, for us is a resource”. With this initiative, we intend to create and promote circular, sustainable, and collaborative communities. The focus is to increase the perception of the value of reuse and the extension of the life span of non-food items, maximising the retention of their value in LIPOR area. And contribute to the increase in the monitoring of the impact of reuse practises.

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