We act as a catalyst for change.

Textiles are fundamental to our society, providing us with countless products for personal use (clothing, footwear) and for use in our homes and other buildings (carpets, curtains, furniture).

The textile industry employs millions of people around the world and makes a significant contribution to the world economy. However, the production and consumption of textiles can cause significant environmental, climate and social impacts.

Over the past few decades, in Europe, the fall in clothing prices, combined with marketing and increased purchasing power, has led to an increase in clothing purchases. Fast fashion – characterized by quick changes in collections and fashion trends, promotes increased consumption while reducing the useful life of garments.

Europeans use an average of 26 kg of textiles per person per year and discard around 11 kg of textiles per person per year. (European Environment Agency).

Because of this trend, LIPOR intends to act as a catalyst for change, undertaking actions in favor of reducing waste and reusing textiles, minimizing waste production.

It is time to act. Get into... sustainable fashion!


The Consumer as an active part in the Circularity of Textiles

In the clothing cycle, from purchase, through use, to disposal, there is enormous potential in terms of what each of us can do as a consumer.
With T-Circular we want that sustainable fashion to become, more and more, a trend!

We work to raise awareness of the value of clothing and ease its maximum use, minimizing waste.

T-Circular tips

Follow our tips on extending the useful life of garments; closet organization; what to do with clothes we don't want, and much more... Reflect and share your sustainable consumption habits with us, identifying ourselves with #tcircularlipor

Exchange Markets

In partnership with Let's SWAP, we promote periodic Exchange Markets for clothing, accessories, books and toys at LIPOR facilities, such as Parque Aventura and Casa do Corim.

Check our activities schedule and participate!

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