Eco-Trail Interpretative Circuit

Venture out into Biodiversity.

The Eco-Trail Interpretative Circuit is a visit to a recovered intervention area, which shows the importance of conserving rivers and water courses in promoting and protecting Biodiversity.

Along the course of the Eco-Trail, you will be able to engage in skills of managing and maintaining green, sustainable spaces, such as grazing and planting native species. You will also have the opportunity to visit the "Laboratório Rios+” (Rivers+ Laboratory), an area which demonstrates good intervention practices for restoring riversides and rivers, using various natural engineering techniques. This intervention keeps the section of the trail next to the Rio Tinto natural and protected.

You can also see the sculpture by the artist Bordalo II, "O Peixe" (The Fish) which symbolizes the naturalization of the Rio Tinto and makes us reflect on the need to create new solutions and products out of waste, in a Circular Economy perspective.

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Visits to the Eco-Trail Interpretative Circuit are available from 4th Grade onwards, and each group shall have a maximum of 25 students. These visits last two hours. As this is an outdoor activity, the children shall bring comfortable clothing and footwear, a hat, and sunscreen.

At LIPOR Adventure Park & Eco-Trail, due to technical reasons, only one visit per period (morning/afternoon) is possible. The treks take place outdoors, and therefore depend on weather conditions.
For your own safety, when walking through LIPOR's facilities, you must always stay on the routes marked for pedestrians, as you are inside an industrial unit with intense and constant circulation of heavy vehicles and industrial machinery.
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