Communication with Stakeholders

We promote the communication with Stakeholders.

The AA1000AP Standard - Principles of AccountAbility 2018, aims to provide a practical set of guiding principles, which help organizations to register, improve and communicate their performance in terms of its responsability and transparency regarding their policies, decisions, actions, products and services and also in terms of sustainability.

In 2019, we have implemented the transition to Standard AA1000AP (2018), maintain our positioning concerning stakeholders engagment, ensuring an adequate response to their expectations.

These are the AA1000APS Principles that we use every day:

We are inclusive and we encourage Stakeholders to participate in the development and implementation of a responsible and strategic response to Sustainability.

We identify the issues that are materially relevant to the Organization and to the respective Stakeholders.

We address issues raised by Stakeholders and those who affect their sustainable performance through decisions, actions, and performance, as well as communication with Stakeholders.

We monitor, measure, are responsible and accountable for the way in which our actions affect ecosystems in our area.

Only through a close relationship is it possible to gain an understanding of pressing issues, provide an excellent service and promote projects that match the expectations of those who work with LIPOR. Our involvement strategy is reflected in the mapping of Involvement and Communication with Stakeholder Mechanisms, associated with their main cause and respective impact.

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