The Circular Economy with and for Companies.

The AMP Urbinov project: Open Urban Innovation in the Metropolitan Area of Porto aims to know the territorial intelligence inherent to the metropolitan innovation ecosystem, always with an environmental concern and aiming at new innovation practices.

We boosted this project in partnership with Metropolitan Area of Porto, financed by the North 2020, from July 2016 to June 2018. The project resulted from the need to organize and streamline the innovation ecosystem of the Metropolitan Area of Porto. In the context of this dynamism, it is our intention to continue to promote and implement Awareness Raising, Information and Demonstration Actions in the area of circular economy.

As a result of this work, a very in-depth study on the "Industrial Metabolism and Circular Economy in the Metropolitan Area of Porto" was published in the business context of the Metropolitan Area of Porto.

In addition, a dedicated webpage was created within the project, where you can check the various synergies and opportunities for the Circular Economy SymbiOPOrto: The Circular economy with and for Companies.

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