Circular Economy and the digital transformation in Agrifood sector

Climate Change, soil loss and the exponential population growth are threats to human species survival and present challenges such as the reduction of natural resources and the feeding of an estimated global population of 9.7 billion.
At the same time, we are grappling with a digital transformation that despite its high costs, provides tools that allow a more efficient use of resources with the help of artificial intelligence, allowing the implementation of the principles of Circular Economy.

To answer to these challenges, a consortium of companies in the Agrifood sector and Research & Innovation entities from all over the country was created, allowing the participation of all elements of the sector from production to the valorisation of food and derivatives.

All these elements were brought together in the BIOMA project - Integrated BIOeconomics Solutions for the Mobilization of the Agrifood chain - led by CAMPOTEC.

The project aims to develop technological and biotechnological solutions to stimulate the bioeconomy, the digitization of industry and the reduction of food waste, meeting Europe's strategies for these issues.

LIPOR will have an important role in this project representing not only the area of prevention and recovery of food waste, but also in Research & Innovation with the development of a platform to fight food waste, the development of new products for agriculture based on bio-waste and the development of innovative solutions for the composting of bio-waste.

The BIOMA Project also intends to move companies in the agrifood value chain to more competitive and sustainable levels, promoting strategies and an environment that enhance the adoption of integrated Bioeconomics solutions. The project started on July 1, 2020 and will end on June 30, 2023 with funding from COMPETE - POCI.

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