The return to earth.

We take part in a European project, led by the University of Minho, to promote the recovery of organic waste. This was one of the projects approved in the scope of the Interreg V-A Spain - Portugal program, funded by the European Union and relying on the participation of partners in Galicia.

How to promote the Recovery of Organic Waste?

Through the production of compost that is rich in humic substances, formed as this waste decomposes chemically and biologically.

The humic substances can retain water, exchange ions and fertilizers, decrease soil degradation and be used in cosmetic and nutraceutical products.

What is our goal?

Promoting composting as a management system for organic waste, in order to reduce the quantity of waste delivered to landfill and to recover the compost produced in applications of high added value.

Fernanda Proença, researcher from the Chemistry Center at the University of Minho and leader of the project, states: "This new initiative opens doors for the emergence of new business and employment areas related to the conception of articles of high added value and contributing towards the development of the green economy in this cooperative space".

To find out more, visit the project website.

Useful contacts

University of Minho:
Prof. Fernanda Proença | 253 604 379 |
Prof. Dulce Geraldo | 253 604 053 |

Susana Abreu | 939 770 249 |

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