REUSE Communities

LIPOR obtained approval for the REUSE Communities application made under the Environmental Fund - Notice "Environmental Education + Transversal + Open + Participated 2022".

This falls within the following priority areas:

Accelerating the transition from a linear economy, based on extraction, transformation, use and disposal, to a regenerative economy of resources, with the aim of retaining as much value as possible from products, parts and materials;
Substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, reuse and recycling of products and materials;
Provide relevant information to citizens, increase their environmental awareness and enhance their role in promoting sustainable development.

The REUSE Communities program thus emerged under the motto "what for many may be waste, for us is a resource", and aims to create and streamline circular, sustainable and solidary communities, with the focus and main objective being to increase the perception of value of reuse and the extension of the useful life of materials, with a view to maximizing the retention of their value, in LIPOR's area of influence. starting point in the identification and involvement of entities that act, or have potential for active intervention, in the field of social reuse and obtain knowledge about existing material flows, fostering the creation of circular communities, in an economy of sharing and sustained growth of a reuse network. To support this action and to enhance the results that are intended to be achieved, awareness, training and volunteering actions will be carried out that will serve as a vehicle to inform, sensitize and train local Actors and other Communities (School and Citizens) on related issues with reuse and how it can bring social, economic and environmental benefits, instilling a change in behavior and collaboration between the parties.

The program also intends to contribute to the increase in data monitoring related to reuse, inviting entities to participate and share information on their own reuse activity. The project will be supported by a Communication Plan that will allow the dissemination of the actions and their results among the other interested parties, enhancing its dissemination and replication.
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