Brazil's National Front of Mayors visits LIPOR

On May 6, the National Front of Mayors of Brazil visited LIPOR. Made up of a group of 29 participants, including mayors, federal deputies, state secretaries and other representatives, the main purpose of the visit was to get a closer look at the innovative waste management practices of LIPOR - Municipalities Association for Sustainable Waste Management of Greater Porto.

The starting point for this day was an institutional presentation by LIPOR, where the visitors were able to learn in detail about the work carried out by the organization and its contribution to the sustainable development of Greater Porto. The group then set off on technical visits to LIPOR's units.

The first destination was the Recycling Circuit, which includes Formiga Drop-off site, Crew - Repair and Training Center, and the Sorting Plant. Here, participants were able to take a closer look at the process of sorting and recycling materials, understanding how the proper separation of waste can have a positive impact on the environment and the local economy.

The afternoon continued with a technical visit to the Organic Recovery Circuit. The group saw Formiga Garden, where domestic composting and organic waste recovery practices are implemented, as well as the Composting Plant, where the processes for treating and recovering organic waste on an industrial scale were presented.

Throughout these visits, the participants were able to exchange knowledge and experiences, thus enriching their municipal practices and policies related to waste management. The visit of the National Front of Mayors of Brazil to LIPOR highlighted the importance of international cooperation and the exchange of good practices in building more sustainable and resilient cities, with a view to combating climate change.

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