Highlights of International LIPOR activity in 2020

In 2020, LIPOR maintained commercial and prospecting relationships with 27 countries. Despite the pandemic crisis that took place in Portugal and in the World at the beginning of the year 2020, LIPOR's international activity has not stopped.

2020 was the year in which the implementation of the Projects in Tunisia started, with LIPOR beginning to provide services related to two Projects - "Formal education in education for Sustainable Development”, which consisted in the training of Tunisian inspectors and "Implementation of sustainable actions for changing the behaviour of young people (students) in relation to sustainable waste management” with the implementation of selective collection in 400 Tunisian schools. The Project "Implementation of a Waste Management System for Electrical and Electronic Equipment” was also prepared, which was carried over to 2021.

It was also the year in which interactions with Argentina began and projects were prepared to be implemented in this market in 2021.

At the invitation of ABREN - Brazilian Association for the Energy Recovery of Waste and FGV - Fundação Getulio Vargas, a prestigious educational institution in Brazil, LIPOR joined the Executive MBA in Administration: Energy Recovery and Waste Treatment, by making 4 invited teachers available, LIPOR consultants.

LIPOR bet on the elaboration of a Business Case / Case Study to leverage LIPOR's relations with reference institutions, namely with BMD - Multilateral Banking for Development, and in this area very specifically with the IDB - Inter-American Bank for Development, with the European Commission and other Entities.

There was also an International Conference and the Final Conference of the Res2Valhum Project where LIPOR organized and moderated a plenary session and had lectures on its Organic Valorisation Strategy.

It should also be noted that compared to the previous year, LIPOR recorded an increase in the order of 75% with respect to submissions of Expressions of Interest and 50% in relation to the submission of Proposals.

A review of LIPOR's Target Markets was also carried out, the logo associated with LIPOR's international activity was changed and the Project Application Models were optimized.
To better prepare LIPOR Consultants for international challenges, an International Trade Training was prepared, tailored to LIPOR needs, by an external entity, for LIPOR Consultants who are part of the LIPOR International Consultants List.

This was the year in which digital and online were put to the test, but also the year in which all expectations at this level were exceeded. The capacity for resilience and adaptation was essential to maintain international LIPOR activity at the highest level.

The international promotion strategy has been transformed, with the presence at major international events, fairs and missions in the specialty having been replaced by webinars, online forums, and multiple work meetings.

LIPOR's Internationalization Strategy is based on the provision of technical and specialized consultancy services in an international context.

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