LIPOR in India

LIPOR is participating in the India - EU Urban Partnership Project, funded by the European Commission.

The project covers sectors such as urban resilience, urban waste management, mobility, and water.
LIPOR participates as a waste management specialist and was present at the 'Urban Sustainability and Smart City Event' Conference, which took place on November 21 and 22, 2022, in Panaji, India.

Participants from the public and private sectors presented and debated the challenges that India currently faces, with the objective of supporting India in implementing a more sustainable and resilient urban development.
The big challenge lies in the involvement and active participation of key partners in the search for appropriate solutions and in the scale factor, with an impact on the dimension of the problem. 

LIPOR has developed contacts with the Corporation of the City of Panaji, the equivalent of a Municipality, to introduce improvements in waste management in this city and in the State of Goa.

LIPOR's competences developed throughout its 40 years of activity were also presented, as well as some of its most emblematic projects, a national and international reference. The Portuguese Pact for Plastics was also represented at the event, with a presentation of this initiative.

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