LIPOR Observatory

Discover the full potential of the LIPOR Observatory and know that you can count on a LIPOR team to help you create one, adapted to the reality of your country/region.

The main objective of the project was to create an online tool to provide on time statistical information on waste management. Reliable data are thus communicated, in a transparent manner, to the general public, with the Observatory being hosted and available on the LIPOR portal.

At the LIPOR Observatory, waste management information is available for the 8 associated municipalities of LIPOR, and it is also possible to monitor municipal waste collection projects and provide information on waste management for the community. Communicating, controlling and monitoring operational indicators are the main objectives of the LIPOR Observatory.

This portal, in addition to updated and reliable statistical information on the production, management and treatment of urban waste, recyclable and undifferentiated fraction, also provides information on avoided CO2 emissions.

This tool turned out to be fundamental for the monitoring of operational indicators, also allowing the monitoring of the fulfilment of objectives and targets. To find out more about all the data collected, visit the LIPOR Observatory.
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