LIPOR on mission in Durban

Within the scope of the European Commission's Project ICP Program - International City Partnerships, in which LIPOR participates by promoting actions and sharing Good Practices with the Durban region in South Africa, another Mission is taking place in Durban.

In compliance with the Project's Action Plan, this time a Masterclass was organized for political decision-makers in Durban, with the purpose of creating a Vision for Sustainable Waste Management for this specific target audience.

This Masterclass, which was entirely organized by LIPOR, due to its nature and target audience, included a technical and a political component.

The testimony of the Chairman of LIPOR's Board of Directors and current Mayor of Valongo, Dr. José Manuel Ribeiro, as a leader and political decision-maker who communicates with his South African peers, demonstrating in the first person the lessons learned, successes and paths followed, with all the advantages and difficulties inherent and felt throughout the 40 years of activity, was extremely relevant and important. 

Susana Abreu, Manager of the International Business Unit, was in charge of presenting LIPOR's business model, its dynamics and current practices, as a successful business case. The priority areas for action, the role of Politicians as action boosters and mobilisers and several strategies for the involvement of key stakeholders were also listed. At the end, involving all participants in a debate and participatory dynamic, the priority areas of action for Durban were defined with regard to Sustainable (and customized) Waste Management for this region, an output of the action that allows defining the next steps and actions to be taken by the South African team.

It is worth highlighting the presence of Durban's political representatives and their teams, who showed the greatest availability and interest in addressing the issue of waste management in order to seek the best solutions to optimize the current system in force, which is centered on the disposal of waste in landfills, with recycling and other types of recovery being very incipient or practically non-existent.

An intense day of work, where LIPOR, with its expertise and competences, is increasingly positioning and establishing itself in the technical and specialised consultancy area.
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