Our Services

Through specialized technical consultancy, LIPOR designs and implements the best sustainable waste management solutions, adapted to the needs of its international Clients, to the scale and culture of the destination Countries.

LIPOR offers tailored customized solutions, supported by innovative processes and the best technology available, added value with upgraded resources, social responsibility and eco-efficient performance.

LIPOR's Services Portfolio is divided into 3 wide areas:

Technical and Strategic Consultancy

  • Environmental Assessment
  • Landfill Closing Model
  • Defining Integrated Waste Management Models
  • Household Composting Programs
  • Urban Allotment Projects
  • Prevention Plans
  • Strategic Plans for Sustainable Waste Management
  • Implementing Climate Strategies
  • Technical Consultancy

Raising Awareness

  • Communication Plans
  • Environmental Awareness Projects
  • Defining Communication Strategies
  • Environmental Education Programs
  • Plans to Involve Stakeholders

  • Customized Training Courses
  • "On-job" Training
  • E-Learning Training
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