15 Mar

Gondomar Municipality takes on the challenges of food waste by joining the #ZeroWaste program

According to FAO (2013), 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted annually, which causes great economic losses, as well as serious impacts on natural resources on which humanity depends for food". Aware of the problem of reducing food waste and preventing the production of this type of waste, by adopting circular economy models, Lipor and its associated municipalities have been promoting and facilitating the Zero Waste Program in their area of operation. The Municipality of Gondomar has therefore taken these challenges as crucial and has joined the program #ZeroWaste#, expanding and promoting the network of partners in the territory.

Operating in the national territory, DARIACORDAR - Association for the Recovery of Waste, is a non-profit Association, which in 2012 launched the citizenship and awareness movement for the #ZeroWaste# theme, promoting a national network for the recovery of surplus food, preventing it from becoming waste. Since then, it has recovered about 31,888,000 meals throughout the country, supporting about 611,159 families, with the collaboration of a network of 651 donors and about 342 recipient/beneficiary entities of the social networks of the territories, creating an impact of environmental sustainability in the order of 16,000 tons of food waste avoided and reduction of 67 thousand tons of CO2.

How does it work? Through the signing of a cooperation protocol with the Municipality of Gondomar, formalized on March 9, in the City Hall Building, and agreements for the donation of goods, the "Zero Waste" Program aims to use the food waste generated in each territory by entities in the sector of commerce, retail, catering and the like that are in perfect condition for consumption, and its redistribution to public or private entities that provide support for intervention to social groups in need.

Be part of this network and contribute to fighting food waste in Gondomar!

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