27 Feb

Join LIPOR in creating circular, sustainable and supportive communities

The REUSE+SOCIAL Study is part of the REUSE Communities Programme, through which LIPOR intends to create and streamline circular, sustainable and supportive communities, with the focus and main objective of increasing the perception of the value of reuse and the extension of the useful life of materials, in order to maximize the retention of its value, within LIPOR's area of influence.

  • Who is it addressed to? The Study is aimed at local entities, such as Municipalities, Parish Councils, IPSS, Associations, NGOs, Professional Schools, among other Entities of similar scope, with active intervention (and potential intervention), as well as with relevant projects and initiatives in the domain of the social reuse of non-food goods (e.g. clothing, furniture, small appliances, footwear, among others) integrated in the geographic area of the eight Associated Municipalities of LIPOR.
  • What are the goals? From the results obtained with this Study, we intend to identify existing needs, as well as new collaboration mechanisms, in the areas of exchange & sharing, recovery, donation, among other similar ones, that support the development of a network that promotes the extension of the useful life of goods, reducing waste and waste production in LIPOR's area of influence.
  • What are the benefits of participating? By participating in this inter-municipal study, you have the added opportunity to disseminate good practices implemented by your Organization, contributing to raising awareness and information in the Community, as well as exposing needs or limitations that currently impede the advancement of multi-material reuse practices; in addition, it enhances the assessment of the impact of its reuse activity and contributes to the improvement of the organization of the sector, enhancing future network cooperation.

Stay tuned for the results of the REUSE+SOCIAL Study!

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