08 Mar

LIPOR celebrates the Women Day to honor all women

Taking advantage of the celebration of International Women's Day, LIPOR promoted, as a tribute, a different morning.

All the female collaborators, and of course the men who wanted to join in the moment, got together for a morning of tree planting (Camellias) in a gesture full of meaning.

On one hand, giving back to Mother Nature a (little) part of what she gives us, planting a tree and reflecting, at the same time, on the acts of planting, caring and protecting, gestures that are also symbolically linked to women. And on the other hand, take the opportunity to remember, planting an Angelina Vieira Camellia tree, the tributes due to all women, namely those who work every day in our organization for the future of all. This camellia variety was developed in Maia by a late doctor, Dr. Germano de Sousa Vieira, in honor of his wife Angelina Vieira.

Following this event, we will have the opportunity to receive and listen to a group of three women - Alice Khouri, Filipa Pantaleão and Rita Rendeiro - who dared to create the civic movement Women in ESG Portugal and are giving voice to women who claim and seek equality of opportunities.

All moments are good to remember the strength and commitment of women and to promote gender equality in our organizations, in our homes and in our society. Happy Women's Day to all the women who make the world go round!

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