28 Feb

The challenge that gave “Pano para Mangas”

In promoting practices for the reduction and reuse of textiles and textile waste, the GERAÇÃO+ (generation plus) team challenged their institutions to participate in the "Pano para Mangas” contest.

This challenge aimed to encourage the GERAÇÃO+ community to share circular and sustainable initiatives using textiles and textile waste, under the following activity options: Donate and Register, Separate and Register, 2nd Hand to 1st, Quilt, Upcycling and Eco-Colors.

10 actions were submitted, in line with the objectives of the challenge, with groups of 4 institutions standing out, occupying the following places in the classification:

1st place: EB Sendim – EB1/JI
Prize: 1 Portable Sewing Machine and 1 Workshop, at VIVA Lab Porto (maxi box offer)

2nd place: EB 2,3 Pêro Vaz Caminha
Prize: 1 Workshop at VIVA Lab Porto (medium box offer)

3rd place: Social Centre of Paramos - Community Centre
Prize: 1 Workshop at VIVA Lab Porto (mini box offer)

Honourable Mention: Escola de Moda do Porto
Participation in the "Plastic Play” Workshop, promoted by VIVA Lab Porto

In all actions, around 100 kg of textile waste were avoided, involving more than 300 people, including participants (teaching/non-teaching community, families and other young people and adults) and beneficiaries of some of the actions.

We congratulate and thank you for participating in this challenge. We count on everyone for the next one!

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