25 Jan

Academia LIPOR promoted more than 40 training actions in 2022

At Academia LIPOR, skills are developed and improved through training and qualification, using advanced pedagogical methods and equipment.

The training is certified by DGERT - Directorate-General for Employment and Labour Relations - and by FEFAL - Foundation for Studies and Training in Local Authorities. Academia Lipor is, also, a promoting entity accredited by the Order of Engineers. 

In 2022, the Academia Lipor gave 41 courses with a total duration of 279 hours of training, involving about 803 trainees.

The courses focused on the circular economy, waste management, syntropic agriculture, community composting, energy, recycling, among others.

This training plan had several targets, including public and private entities, municipal technicians, teachers, new graduates, and the general population with an interest in the themes developed.

We are preparing the training offer for 2023. Stay with us!

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