15 Mar

4M is for everyone!

Following the climate changes the world has been witnessing, LIPOR and its associated municipalities have developed a communication and awareness campaign aimed at promoting the 4M commitment - less waste, less carbon, more climate and more biodiversity.

This is LIPOR's way of inviting citizens to transform the way they live, to acknowledge the importance of their choices, to decrease CO2 emissions and to build a healthier and more sustainable society. Therefore, waste prevention, composting and recycling, biodiversity, urban gardens and mobility are some of the key issues to be addressed, always from the perspective of how citizens, with their choices, can join the 4M movement, assuming this strategy as a way of life and thus reducing their impact on the planet.

The campaign is based, in a first phase, on digital media, with approaches to the strategy and the issue, as well as challenges on social networks and the sharing of an online quiz called "Scan 4M".

"I am 4M" is also a feature of this campaign, sharing reports of ordinary citizens who have decided to change the way they embrace the planet.

We care for the environment and our communities. We manage resources, we create value. We are 4M!

Stay tuned!

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