16 Feb

2022: the year when more materials were delivered to the Mobile Drop-off sites

The journey of the Mobile Drop-off sites continued through LIPOR’s 8 associated Municipalities, having been present in 73 different locations.

CDs and DVDs, portable batteries and accumulators, cork stoppers, ink cartridges and toners, small WEEE, non-packaging paper and contaminated packaging were the flows with the highest growth in 2022, compared to the previous year. In total, citizens delivered 112 tons of waste to the Mobile Drop-off sites, which is equivalent to the weight of about four passenger buses, representing a  growth of 59% when compared to the homologous period. 

LIPOR created this solution in partnership with the associated Municipalities, so that the materials that can be delivered here do not end up in the waste. Since January 2021, the citizen has Mobile Drop-off sites at his disposal, allowing him to recycle some of the waste he has at home and didn't know what to do with it.

The Mobile Drop-off sites is traveling through the 8 Municipalities and its location can be found here.

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