19 Dec 2022

This Christmas, let's reinvent ourselves...

If Christmas is a dream, magic and hope time, LIPOR and its associated Municipalities invite citizens to dream together and to remember that, in this season, it's worth thinking about what we can do to reinvent tomorrow and build a Better World.

This Christmas season also suggests that we reflect on the reality we live in and that makes us have to find new ways of decorating our lives and our planet with the "colors of Christmas".

This year, when LIPOR celebrates its 40th anniversary, we want to contribute for Christmas to be a special moment of affection, but also a moment of awareness for sustainable consumption.

We believe that simple gestures can give the environment many years of life. Therefore, reusing, recycling, returning, donating, sharing and using without wasting are the gifts that the world needs to receive from all of us.

This is what we have been doing for 40 years!

Let's reinvent tomorrow together?

LIPOR | 40 years reinventing tomorrow

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