31 Jan

We promote good practices in our internal community, adopting attitudes and practices consistent with our Purpose!

At LIPOR, we've created the #somposespelasustentabilidade (we are for sustainability) initiative because we're committed to our Purpose - Everyday we build a Better World.

Therefore, we have made a diagnosis covering all LIPOR's areas and analysing different vectors, such as reduction and reuse of goods and materials, water and energy consumption, waste management and employees awareness. Based on the results we outlined an action plan, with the goal of making LIPOR even more Sustainable.

At the same time, an internal Communication and Awareness Campaign with the slogan #somposespelasustentabilidade was launched and disseminated through physical and digital media. Its goal was to raise awareness for the topic and promote the adoption of good practices, reinforcing our Commitment in all our daily attitudes and internal practices. 

Thus, in 2022, with the involvement of all employees and other partners, we promoted different initiatives:

  • Creation of a "Goods Bank”, to promote the reuse of LIPOR's assets, such as furniture and equipment, both internally and through its donation to social entities;
  • Encouraging the consumption of tap water; employees were provided with the results of water analysis for human consumption, certifying its quality;
  • Distribution of reusable bottles for use in meetings and events;
  • Increase the amount of reusable tableware available for employees to use in the pantry and bar areas;
  • Reduction of the use of disposable plastic cups in the water machines, keeping them only in areas where visitors pass by;
  • Start the collection of used books (except school books) with potential for reuse at the Ecocentro da Formiga;
  • Making available to Employees and Visitors a structure for the exchange of books (Bookcrossing - learn more at: https://www.lipor.pt/en/awareness/no-waste/lipor-bookcrossing/);
  • Optimization and standardization of recycling points, creating about 60 new recycling spots;
  • Extension of selective collection to new flows, namely batteries, bottle caps and cork stoppers.

In 2022, as a result of the implemented actions was possible:
  • Avoid the production of 1.349 kg of waste, corresponding to 878 kg of CO2e/t, equivalent to the forestry sequestration of 88 trees/year;
  • Achieve a recycling rate of around 80%, corresponding to the selective collection of paper and cardboard, plastic and metal packaging and glass.

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