Privacy Policy

LIPOR is the entity responsible for the management, recovery and treatment of about 500,000 tons of municipal waste produced by one million inhabitants of the eight municipalities that integrate it: Espinho, Gondomar, Maia, Matosinhos, Porto, Póvoa de Varzim, Valongo and Vila do Conde. LIPOR is the entity responsible for the collection and processing of your personal data, for the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy and in strict compliance with the applicable legislation.

This privacy policy defines the approach taken to the privacy of the data we handle while informing the data subjects (customers, suppliers) how we handle their personal information ("personal data") and how they can exercise their rights in relation to their personal data.

Questions regarding this privacy policy, including possible requests to exercise your rights over your personal data, may be submitted through the email address or by letter addressed to LIPOR's Data Protection Officer, at Apartado 1510 - 4435-996 Baguim do Monte | Portugal.

In order to learn and understand how your personal data will be handled by LIPOR, please read this document thoroughly.

1. Our privacy commitment

  • Comply with the obligations inherent to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and other applicable legislation, including national legislation that complements the GDPR; 
  • Make available appropriate mechanisms for the exercise of the rights of the holders of personal data;
  • Apply the principles of transparency on the way and type of personal data we process; 
  • Ensure that subcontractors who process your personal data on behalf of LIPOR act with the same level of confidentiality and security.

2. Who is responsible fo the collection and processing of personal data?

The responsible for the collection and processing of personal data is LIPOR - Municipalities Association for Sustainable Waste Management of Greater Porto, a public entity, with head office at Rua da Morena, 805-955, 4435-746 Baguim do Monte - PORTUGAL, with VAT number 501394192, hereinafter identified as "LIPOR".

3. What is Personal Data?

Personal data means any information, regardless of its nature and form, including sound and image, relating to an identified or identifiable single person ("data subject").

4. How do we handle your Personal Data?

The processing of your personal data includes the registration, collection, consultation, use, adaptation, alteration, storage, and destruction of data, among other operations, within the scope of the activity carried out by LIPOR.

We shall only process your personal data lawfully, that is, only when one or more of the following legal bases are met:
  • If the data subject (you) gives their free, specific, informed, clear and unambiguous consent to the processing of your personal data for one or more specific purposes ("consent");
  • Processing is necessary for the execution of a contract to which the data subject is a party, or for pre-contractual steps at the request of the data subject;
  • Processing is necessary for compliance with our legal obligations;
  • Processing is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests;
  • Processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in LIPOR.

5. How do we collect your Personal Data?

We collect personal data provided directly by you, for example, when you register for the different activities promoted by LIPOR by filling in forms on our website (, when you subscribe to our newsletter or when you contact us by phone, letter (addressed to LIPOR) or email (e.g.

We may also receive your personal data through our associated Municipalities, specifically in projects with joint responsibility for Treatment (example: "Analyse and monitor the adhesion process to the new system of Door-to-Door Selective Collection"). For more information, please see the attached document: "Roles and relationships of joint responsibilities regarding data subjects” (document in Portuguese).

6. What types of personal data does LIPOR process?

LIPOR collects and processes personal data necessary for the provision of services and/or supply of products, within the scope of the initiatives of each activity area. Example of the categories and types of data that LIPOR may collect and process:

When you subscribe to our Newsletter
  • Customer data: full name and email.
Enrolment in activities promoted by LIPOR and its associated Municipalities (example: "Home Composting Project"; "KitchenGarden at your Doorstep")

  • Identification data: Full name, date of birth, municipality to which you belong;
  • Contact details: Full address, e-mail, telephone;
  • Family life data: No. of household members;
  • Other categories of non-sensitive personal data: Reason for registration, Approximate area of garden/land (m2);
  • Composter data - address where the composter will be located.
Invoicing of services provided by LIPOR or sale of products (example: "Sale of Nutrimais product")
  • Invoicing data - Name, Address and tax number (VAT).
Registration in projects whose scope is social support (example: "Operation Tampinhas")

  • Financial and patrimonial information: IRS declaration;
  • Article 9 (1) (Health data) - Degree of disability, certificate or medical certificate.
When you apply on our website for open competition or internal mobility
  • Data on professional life - Holder of public employment; Type of public employment relationship; Declaration of public employment relationship; Curriculum Vitae; Academic Qualifications; Training Actions; Professional Experience, Year of schooling, Proof of training/education; Employer's statement: Seniority, Type of Employment Contract, Professional Category and Remuneration Position.
Monitoring of the project "Door to Door Selective Collection"
  • Collection Data - LIPOR code identifying the collection point, municipality code identifying the collection point, equipment identification code, type of waste stream and date and time of collection.
Navigation on LIPOR's website
  • Traffic data - IP address (cookies), when you browse our website (see point 13. how we use Cookies).
Ecofone Service
  • Voice data - call recording.

7. Image data

LIPOR, in the development of its activity, needs to resort to the production of content that includes the capture of images, videos and/or the collection of testimonies where there may be the identification of the holders involved and subsequent dissemination by internal and/or external means.

For activities whose processing implies the collection and use/dissemination of images (photo, video and/or collection of testimonies) that allow their identification, we always request their prior consent.

Example of some activities where this might apply:
  • Participation in events organised by LIPOR;
  • Activities developed by LIPOR together with its partners and/or associated municipalities;
  • Participation in training sessions or workshops promoted by our Academy.

In events in places of public access, such as our Adventure Park, there is always communication on our website and social networks with information on the date and time and, if there is the option of registration, prior consent is collected for image capture.

However, despite the efforts made by LIPOR not to film any particular person who has not given their explicit and informed consent, favouring the capture of images of the space in general and using plans that are not directed to individuals, being an area of public access, large, with free circulation, and also due to the high number of visitors (sometimes more than 1000) this point may not be fully ensured. In this case, you may exercise your right to object to the processing, via e-mail:, without compromising the lawfulness of the processing, in particular with regard to the images already used.

8. Personal data of minors

The personal data of minors, the collection and processing of which is not based on a legal basis or the exercise of public interest/public authority functions, will only be collected and processed with the express consent of the legal representatives. Legal representatives have the prerogative to exercise their rights over the personal data of minors under similar conditions to those of data subjects.

Participation in our holiday camps implies the processing of data of minors, namely:
  • Identification data (Name, date of birth; copy of citizen card - front);
  • Billing data (VAT);
  • Art. 9 (1) (Health data) - a copy of the individual health record (vaccination bulletin) and if applicable (optional) medical statement (example: dietary restrictions).

9. Categories of special data (Art. 9(1))

According to the Regulation, this category includes health data, biometric data, genetic data and all those that allow the disclosure of an individual's religious or political beliefs, trade union membership, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.

In compliance with the principle of minimisation, the personal data requested are those strictly necessary to comply with the legal provisions to which LIPOR is bound. Thus, within the category of special data, we may request the following data from the holder:
  • Art. 10 (criminal convictions) - Criminal record of candidates for public positions where justified (e.g. when expected to work with minors);
  • Art. 9 (1) - Health data, for example:
    • Brief description of the problem, medical certificate or certificate - For enrolment in the "Operation Tampinhas" project;
    • Identification of food allergies - For activities organised by LIPOR with catering or meal provision (example: "Visits within the scope of the International Business Division activity").

10. What are the purposes and grounds for processing personal data?

LIPOR processes your data for the following purposes and based on the following legal grounds:

A. To fulfill legal obligations, we process your data for the purposes of:
  • Management of tender procedures;
  • Documental archiving;
  • Invoicing;
  • Contracting compulsory insurance;
  • Mandatory communications to public authorities;
  • Compliance with other legal or regulatory obligations;
  • Management of complaints in the physical complaint book.

B. On the basis of pre-contractual steps, we process your data for the purposes of:

  • Management of tendering procedures;
  • The signing of service provision contracts;
  • Management of requests for visits within the scope of the activity of the International Business Division.

C. . Based on the performance of a contract (provision of services/ supply of goods/ general terms and conditions/ regulation /rules for participation in activities, competitions or drafts) signed with the data subjects, we process your data for the purposes of:
  • Management of contractual relations;
  • Management of enrolment in projects and subsequent follow-up and monitoring;
  • Management of participation in activities;
  • Management of Support and Sponsorship Requests.

D. On the basis of your consent, we process your data for the purposes of:
  • Participation in surveys (OCS; funded projects, etc...);
  • Participation and dissemination of activities/projects/events in LIPOR's internal and/or external media;
  • Capture and dissemination of multimedia content (photos, video and/or testimonial collection);
  • Sending informative messages, newsletters, dissemination of events and training by e-mail;
  • Participation in studies and projects in the area of sustainability;
  • Management of competitions/ contests on social networks.

E. Because it is in our legitimate interests to strengthen the positioning of the LIPOR brand, ensure the integrity and management of our facilities, maintain our certifications, guarantee the sustainability of the organisation's human resources and ensure the quality of the service provided, we process your data for the purposes of: 
  • Entrance control;
  • Booking of areas;
  • Infrastructure/space/equipment management;
  • Protection of people and goods (Video surveillance of LIPOR facilities);
  • Organisation of events;
  • Recruitment and selection;
  • Management of internship requests and/or collaboration in scientific work;
  • Management of requests for information, clarifications, contacts via;
  • Satisfaction evaluation survey;
  • Management of suggestions, complaints and compliments;
  • Management of our website;
  • Obtaining EU funds through participation in funded applications and/or national and international projects;
  • Tenders to international markets (Multilateral Banking).

F. Based on the exercise of public interest functions, we process your data for the purposes of:
  • Provision of services and supply of goods within the scope of the pursuit of its corporate purpose (recycling, recovery, treatment and final utilisation of solid waste).

11. What is the retention period of your personal data?

The period for which data is stored and retained varies according to the purpose for which the information is processed. Where there is no specific legal requirement, data will be stored and retained only for the minimum period necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or further processed, after which they will be deleted.

However, if personal data are processed for archiving purposes in the public interest, for scientific or historical research purposes, or for statistical purposes, LIPOR may keep some of the data for longer periods, without prejudice to applying appropriate safeguards for the rights and freedoms of the data subject, in accordance with the legislation in force.

To determine the appropriate retention period, LIPOR takes into account the various resolutions of the European data protection supervisory authorities, in particular the CNPD, and the Archival Regulation for Local Municipalities.

12. With whom do we share your data?

In strict compliance with legal obligations, we may transmit some of your personal data to official entities, such as insurance companies, judicial or administrative authorities.

If you are enrolled in activities/projects of funded applications, we will have to share some of your personal data, respectively, to the managing entities of EU funds and to the entities of the consortia, if the application is in a consortium.

If you have joined one of our projects with joint responsibility for Treatment (for example: "Door to Door Selective Collection system"), we will have to share your data with our associated municipalities and partners involved in the project.

In certain circumstances, we may need to use partner companies to provide services, such as technology, support or event promotion.

Whenever it is necessary to process some of your personal data in the context of such services, it is guaranteed that a contract or agreement is signed to ensure compliance with the general data protection regulation and the obligation to ensure the same level of security and privacy of your data.

13. Cross-border data transfers (outside the EU)

The transfer of personal data by LIPOR to a country that is not a member of the European Union ("third country") may only be authorised if one of the following conditions is met in that third country:
a) There is an Adequacy Decision issued by the European Commission;
b) A concrete derogation situation exists;
c) safeguards are in place to ensure the protection of personal data, including in particular:
(i) The fulfilment of rules defined by the Consortium, working group, provided that they are not contrary to the General Data Protection Regime;
(ii) The existence of a Data Transfer Agreement with European Standard Contractual Clauses (signed between LIPOR and the other entities) that have been approved by the European Commission as providing an adequate level of protection for your Personal Data;
(iii) Adherence to a code of conduct or a certification procedure, accompanied by binding and enforceable commitments.

If necessary, LIPOR will submit a request for authorisation to the National Data Protection Commission, as the National Authority.

14. How do we protect your personal data?

LIPOR ensures and incorporates in all its processes a set of information security measures, technical and administrative measures and procedures aimed at preserving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the personal data processed.

Confidentiality: We ensure that the information is accessible only by authorised persons, for the necessary period;
Availability: We ensure that the information is available to authorised persons whenever necessary;
Integrity: We ensure that the information is complete and intact and that it has not been modified or destroyed in an unauthorised or accidental manner during its life cycle.

Among others, we emphasise the following measures:
  • Restricted access to your personal data only by those who need it for the purposes we have set out above;
  • Storage and transfer of personal data only in a secure manner;
  • Protection of information systems through devices that prevent unauthorised access to your personal data;
  • Implementation of mechanisms that guarantee the safeguarding of the integrity and quality of your personal data;
  • Monitoring of information systems in order to prevent, detect and stop the misuse of your personal data.
  • is.

15. How can you exercise your rights as a data subject?

To exercise your rights, request clarification or obtain additional information, you can contact us at the following e-mail address:

Personal data subjects have the following rights:
  • Right to Information (Article 13 and 14 of the GDPR) - Information on how they use my data; 
  • Right of Access (Art. 15, GDPR) - What personal data is being processed;
  • Right of Rectification (Art. 16 GDPR) - If it is necessary to amend (outdated or incomplete data) or correct (inaccurate data) my personal data;
  • Right to Erasure (Art. 17 GDPR) "Right to be forgotten" - If I want my data erased (if the law or the contract allows it);
  • Right to Restriction of processing (art. 18, GDPR) - When I want to limit the way my personal data is used while LIPOR corrects or provides information about it;
  • Right of Portability (art. 20, GDPR) - If I wish to receive my personal data in a structured format; of current use and automatic reading or if I wish to transmit them to another responsible;
  • Right not to be subject to Automated Individual Decisions (Art. 22 GDPR); - When I request human intervention in processes that are usually automated.
  • Right to have an Answer from the Controller within the legal deadlines and the right to know about a personal data breach (Data Breach); 
  • You also have the right to Withdraw your Consent at any time, without jeopardising the lawfulness of the processing carried out on the basis of the consent previously given, with regard to images already used.
  • Right of Opposition (art. 21, GDPR) - If you wish to object to the processing of my data for direct marketing purposes, including the definition of associated profiles.
Still on this subject, LIPOR has established that it will only send general communications (LIPOR Newsletter), which include, among others, the sending of informative messages, institutional communications, newsletters, dissemination of events and training when you have given your consent.

You can always object to these mailings in one of the following ways:
  • When LIPOR's newsletter is sent to your email address, by selecting the link "if you have not subscribed to the LIPOR newsletter or wish to stop receiving it, click here";
  • By requesting directly to the email the cancellation of the subscription and/or the intention to stop receiving the LIPOR newsletter;
If you withdraw your consent, you will strictly cease to receive communications from LIPOR for the intended purposes (sending informative messages, institutional communications, newsletters, publicising events and training), and this does not apply to communications sent within the scope of the provision of the service.

16. How can you contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

Whenever you need, you can contact our Data Protection Officer through the following means:
  • Email:;
  • Letter addressed to: Encarregado Proteção Dados LIPOR, Apartado 1510 – 4435-746 Baguim do Monte

If you deem it necessary, you may file a complaint with the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD) through the website, by letter addressed to Av. D. Carlos I, 134, 1.º, 1200-651 Lisboa or by telephone: +351 213 928 400, fax: +351 213 976 832 and email: You may also apply to the ordinary courts.

17. How we use "Cookies"

LIPOR may use cookies on its websites in order to improve the quality of the service, the functionalities provided and the user experience, and they are not used to define profiles.
Not allowing the use of cookies in some of the functionalities of our website may affect its performance and user experience.

You can check here our Cookies Policy Cookies Policy (page in Portuguese).

18. Changes to the Privacy Policy

LIPOR reserves the right to adjust or revise this policy at any time, and such adjustments or revisions shall be disclosed in due course on its institutional website.

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