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AAGE 32 is an artificial aggregate from urban waste incineration slag, certified for use in unbound base and sub-base layers of road pavements. It is an ecological alternative to natural aggregates with large grain sizes. 

Commitment to Sustainability

The production of natural aggregate has a high environmental impact as it consumes the planet's natural resources, promotes soil erosion, habitat destruction and CO2 emissions.

Lipor annually treats around 500 thousand tons of urban waste produced by around 1 million inhabitants of 8 municipalities in Greater Porto. Urban waste that is not recycled (mixed waste) is incinerated with energy recovery to produce electricity. From this process results around 75,000 tons of slag annually, a residue from burning.

Incineration slag is processed, matured and subjected to rigorous quality control to obtain the AAGE 32. AAGE 32 is a certified product with technical characteristics similar to natural aggregate, making it the ideal choice for incorporating recycled material into construction works.

AAGE 32 is a circular alternative to natural aggregate.

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Hugo Lopes - hugo.lopes@lipor.pt

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