Carbon and Energy

With the 4M Strategy we set a new goal and aim to achieve a 35% reduction in GHG emissions by the year 2030.

With the goal of achieving carbon neutrality in 2050, and in line with the EU targets, goals and objectives are established for the 2030 horizon, in the following scopes:

  • Scope 1 - Direct Emissions [MSW Treatment and Recovery, Fixed Combustion (Facilities), Mobile Combustion (Transportation)];
  • Scope 2 - Indirect Emissions;
  • Scope 3 - Other Indirect Emissions (for example: Goods and services purchased, Business travel, among others).

In 2022, considering Scopes 1 and 2, 265 kt CO2e were accounted for, which represents an increase in emissions of 4.2% compared to 2021, and a reduction of 30.7% compared to the base year (2006). 

This 30.7% reduction represents a 117 kt CO2e reduction compared to 2006. 

The carbon intensity is 0.51 tCO2/t.

LIPOR transportation fleet is, once again, ZERO CARBON

Within the scope of the 4M strategy, LIPOR monitored and offset, once again, the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the use of its own registered fleet, during the year 2022.

This monitoring was performed according to the Zero Carbon methodology requirements and ensures the sequestration of the referred emissions in carbon equivalent units through national forestry projects monitored by Ponto Verde Serviços.

Therefore, during 2022, LIPOR accounted for total emissions of 252 tCO2e (one ton of carbon dioxide equivalent corresponds to one Carbon Credit).

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