River Tinto Valorization

The river is life.

The Rio Tinto is subject to intense human activity, with marginal land use practically along its whole course. Examples are the agricultural fields on the river banks, the settlements built on the river bed, and unregulated connections that discharge directly into the river, leading to the consequent water pollution of the Rio Tinto.

As such, given its importance for LIPOR and for the surrounding Community, we promote a Monitoring Program for Assessing the Water and Sediment Quality of the Rio Tinto, contributing towards identifying the causes of the water quality degradation. Based on that assessment, we then established a set of interventions for recovering the river and its banks.

When visiting the section of the river that runs next to our facilities, a set of natural engineering practices can be observed on the river banks and bed, resulting from an intervention that aims to return the river to the Community and enable it to be enjoyed, namely through the use of LIPOR's Eco-Trail.

Furthermore, in 2015 we recreated the "Guarda-Rios" (River Guard) figure, which monitors the section of the Rio Tinto bordering LIPOR's facilities. It fills in an Inspection Bulletin daily, the records are compiled monthly and are then sent to the Project Partners.

Find out more about the Rio Tinto Recovery Project.
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