Automatic Packaging Sorting Unit

Reinforcing the commitment of LIPOR and its Associated Municipalities in maximizing and increasing, in quantity and quality, materials to be sent to be valued through its Recycling to contribute to the fulfillment of the European Union's Recycling Goals and Objectives for the Region and for the Country.

The new Unit presents unique characteristics in terms of digitalization and innovation, with the inclusion of tools for obtaining mass balance in real-time, the possibility of remotely controlling the installation, a 100% automatic baling system and dedicated optical systems quality control with the ability to recognize packaging through artificial intelligence.

Thus, this unit allows for greater packaging processing capacity, also ensuring greater efficiency, an increase in the purity of materials, greater reliability and availability of the installation as well as greater operational flexibility and, consequently, an increase in recycling rates.

The Automatic Packaging Sorting Unit has a minimum nominal capacity of 8 tons/hour, corresponding to an annual treatment capacity of more than 30,000 tons of packaging, thus responding to the challenges that the National Waste Management Plan, PERSU 2030, defines for LIPOR.

This new LIPOR Automatic Packaging Sorting Unit is the installation of this kind with the largest installed capacity in the Iberian Peninsula, having been financed by POSEUR - Operational Program Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources.

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