Automatic Sorting Unit for Green Waste from Cemeteries

Since 2004, LIPOR has been developing the Green Waste Sorting process from Cemeteries with the entry into operation of a Sorting Line for this type of waste.

Currently, with the construction of a new Sorting Line, unique in the country, LIPOR is prepared to respond to the new strategic challenges of the Association, its Associated Municipalities and the waste management sector.

This new line allows:
  • Greater sorting capacity;
  • Greater degree of purity of sorted waste;
  • Automatic classification of green waste;
  • Automatic classification of other waste.

This new unit will continue to contribute to achieving the goals defined in the Biowaste flow, since the Green Waste from Cemeteries, after sorting, is included in the production process of the Organic Recovery Center.

The automatic cemetery green waste sorting line has the following characteristics:
  • a maximum nominal capacity of 4 tons/hour;
  • an annual treatment capacity of more than 7,000 tons of waste;
  • operation with 3 employees per shift.

With the increase in the reception and treatment capacity of this specific waste stream, widespread awareness was developed in partnership with the Associated Municipalities, to increase the quantity and quality of materials collected in the coming years.

Currently, in the Lipor area, all Municipalities have at least one selective collection circuit for Green Cemetery Waste in operation. It is estimated that around 80% of cemeteries already have this type of collection, and it is necessary to continue to reinforce awareness to increase the quantities collected.

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