Electric and Natural Gas Vehicles

We are for decarbonization.

As part of our Low Carbon 4M Strategy - less Waste, less Carbon, more Climate, more Biodiversity", we have implemented a series of actions which aim to reduce the carbon footprint based on environmental strategies and processes of continuous improvement.

We are fully aware of current issues, such as: climate change, dependence on fossil fuels, and air quality, which govern our strategy on the subject of mobility. In this context, we seek to take measures to convert our fleet, prioritizing the use of fuel with less environmental impact. It is a gradual, mid-term process.

The acquisition of two electric vehicles, and more recently, two natural gas vehicles, are examples of good practices implemented, which aim to be a benchmark in the region and in Portugal.

Additionally, we have installed three electric-charging stations in order to supply the vehicles. This equipment complies with all national and European standards, able to charge any type of electric vehicle. These three charging stations are installed in the private area and are intended for the exclusive use of LIPOR and of our employees, and at this stage, are not integrated in the Mobi.E network.

By acquiring these electric vehicles, we estimate to reduce the carbon footprint by 2-3 tCO2eq/ year.
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