Door-to-Door Residential Collection

At your doorstep. Always.

To improve collection efficiency and materials quality we have designed a project for Selective Door-to-Door Residential Collection and proximity container with restricted access. This refinement in collection and quality will, for sure, advance recycling efficiency and materials recovery.

With the motto "Reciclar é Dar +" (Recycling is Giving+), this selective collection scheme is based on a positive approach to people with a proactive door-to-door contact. This specific municipal waste collection system presents important advantages such as reducing the time and effort you spend on delivering your waste and saving resources (waste contains many raw materials that can be reused).
The Door-to-Door Residential Collection allows a better selection and recycling, preventing biodegradable or recyclable waste from ending up in landfills. In areas were we have collection projects on-going:
  • We deliver recycling equipment for free (paper and cardboard; plastic and metal packaging; glass; biowaste; and mixed waste);
  • We monitor and answer questions door-to-door;
  • We implement a system to encourage recycling.

This project, which will help to reach LIPOR recycling goals, is also more supportive because it helps Social Causes. After all, Recycling is Giving+.

To find out more about this service go to (webpage in portuguese).

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