Non-Residential Door-to-Door Collection

Because we are for the environment...

… we work towards greater environmental awareness and to reduce the current flow of undifferentiated, non-recyclable waste in the non-residential sector, consisting of restaurants, hotels, cafés, and trade and services. This sector is responsible for the production of around 40% of recyclable waste produced in Portugal.

We use the motto "Here We Recycle With our Heart" and alongside the Associated Municipalities, we have developed a Door-to-Door Separate Collection service for the non-residential sector for various fractions: Paper/cardboard, plastic/metal, glass, and food waste.

Recycle, collect, deliver, and maintain are the 4 stages of the cycle, in which we promote good environmental practices that ensure the improvement of the environment!

1. Recycle
The participating establishments commit to recycling paper and cardboard, plastic and metal packaging, glass and organic waste, when applicable.

2. Collect
The waste which has been put for recycling is collected by the Municipalities on the previously planned days.

3. Deliver
The Municipalities ensure the collected waste is delivered to our facilities. Paper, cardboard, plastic and metal packaging, and glass are sent to our Sorting Plant. The food waste is sent to our Composting Plant, which we use to produce NUTRIMAIS.

4. Maintain
We're all responsible for maintaining this cycle! Our environmental education technicians visit the establishments, and help to clarify doubts and reward those who are in line with us and with the environment.

Here We Recycle with the Heart

This is only possible by investing in continuous educational and awareness schemes, and that's why we have developed a Campaign aimed at shopkeepers, in order to raise their awareness on the importance of correctly recycling recyclable waste.

In this campaign, we reinforce the impact of this message and commit to proximity and door-to-door contact.

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